OLYMPUS S.A. Industrial Minerals Zeolite In Agriculture


Natural zeolite is used in agriculture as soil conditioners to aerate soil and improve soil water and nutrient retention and in foliar sprays.

The initial research on the use of zeolites in agriculture took place in the 1960s. Zeolites have gained widespread use in Europe. In annual crops, zeolite is applied to the soil for three or more consecutive years and then in the case of conventional cultivation is used again after 8-10 years and in biological cultivations after 25-30 years.

OLYMPUS S.A. Industrial Minerals Zeolite In Agriculture
Soil conditioner
Increase of agricultural production
Improving the quality of agricultural products
Retention of nutrients in the soil
Reducing the amount of fertilizers used by 20-25%
Increase soil moisture
Balancing the pH
Increase soil aeration
100% Natural Product
Helps the use of Active Microorganisms

Zeolite use can helps in many valuable ways, such as:

  • Increase soil retention capacity in nutrients and reduces their losses due to gasification (nitrogen losses as ammonia) or water transportation (nitrite and nitrate) thus contributing to reduce the amount of used fertilizers by 20-25%.
  • Increases the water retention capacity and homogenous distribution in the ground, especially in sandy soils (zeolite retain water in an amount equal to 42-50% of their weight and gives it gradually to the plants).
  • Neutralises the acidic components of soil (balancing the pH), and therefore the addition of other materials is not necessary,
  • Improves soil structure by reducing the compression, and increasing aeration of it.
  • Is a 100% natural product which can be used in Biological Agriculture
  • It is ideally combined with active microorganisms in many applications, strengthening their action.


Powder of zeolite can be used in order to spray foliage, branches and trunk of the trees. It provides the trees a thin white protection film which protect them from:

  • Insect pests
  • Offers protection from fungi, mites and bacteria.
  • Reduce the temperature stress of the trees and the fruit drop
  • Increase the weight and quality of fruits
  • Protect fruits from sunburn
  • Improves photosynthesis and the vividness of vegetation
  • Prevents from frost damage.
  • As it washed from the leaves reaches the ground and continues its action increasing soil fertility.

Application: We should add 2% of water's weight zeolite powder. For example, in a tank of 1000 liters we add 20 Kg of zeolite (available in three granulometries of -50μ, -45μ and -20μ.) Then, with continuous stirring, we watered / sprayed with the mixture the plants / trees in all of the vegetative stages except the flowering period. It should be noted that zeolite powder of -20 microns left the sprays free without caulk them and simultaneously has a higher activity due to larger grain surface development.


For agricultural use (soil conditioners, fertilizers Foliar sprays etc.) our company's available products are:

  • 20μ → For foliar spray
  • 50μ → For foliar spray
  • 80μ (D) → For soil conditioners, fertilizers and foliar sprays
  • 200μ → For soil conditioners and fertilizers
  • 0,0 - 1,0mm → For soil conditioners and fertilizers
  • 1,0 - 2,5mm → For soil conditioners and fertilizers
  • 2,5 - 5,0mm → For soil conditioners and fertilizers

The products are available in big bag of 1tn (1.000Kg) & in bags of 25Kg (1 ton / pallet or 40 sacks).