ΟΛΥΜΠΟΣ ΑΕ Βιομηχανικά Ορυκτά Χαλαζίας σε κόκκους, Χαλαζιακή Άμμος (για φίλτρα πισινών κλπ.), Χαλαζίτης

QUARTZ GRAINS - QUARTZ SAND (for water pool filters, etc.) - QUARTZITE

Olympus Industrial Minerals SA is the only vertically integrated producer in Greece, of quartz grains, quartz sand for pool filters, quartzite grains and quartz powder-75μ for various industrial uses.

Quartz can be found in pegmatite quartz veins, within schists across the country, but the economically exploitable deposits are rare. The company interests are located in the prefectures of Thessaloniki and Kilkis.

The quartzite deposits are metamorphogenic and belong geologically to Examilion unit (Thessaloniki prefecture), extend into other areas of Thessaloniki and Kilkis counties.

SiO2 99,00% SiO2 min 95,00%
Fe2O3 max 0,15% Fe2O3 max 0,5%
Al2O3 0,30% Al2O3 2.5%
CaO 0,02% CaO 0,02%
Na2O 0,01% Na2O 0,01%
K2O 0,01% K2O max 1,00%
TiO2 0,00% TiO2 0,00%
L.O.I max 0,25% L.O.I max 0,25%

OLYMPUS SA Industrial Minerals Quartz Grains - Quartz Sand - Quartzite

OLYMPUS SA Industrial Minerals Quartz Grains - Quartz Sand - Quartzite

OLYMPUS SA Industrial Minerals Quartz Grains - Quartz Sand - Quartzite

After quarrying the products are transported to the premises of Olympus SA where crushing, washing, drying and sieving take place.

Through sieving various granulometric fractions of quartz (0,1-0,3 mm, 0,3-1,2 mm, 1,2-2,4 mm, 0,3-0,8 mm, 0,4-2,4 mm, 3 -7mm etc) and quartzite (0,1-0,3 mm, 0,3-1,2 mm, 3-7mm etc) are produced.

Within Company’s range of products, there is a fraction of quartz-75 μm, which is produced through iron-free milling to avoid contamination of the product with iron and chromium.

The produced quartz can be used in:

  • special mortars (lime-mortars, cement-mortars/ screeds)
  • Water filters (pools)
  • Various construction applications
  • Particularly highlighted is their widen use for pool filters (packaged with each client’s brand name, upon request, and the customer requested grain sizes).

The produced quartzite can be used in:

  • Industrial flooring
  • Special mortars
  • Adhesives
  • Various dimensional/ construction applications


Quartz and quartzite are available for supply in bags of 25 kg and big bags of 1200kg, in various fractions.