OLYMPUS plant extended in an area 43000Μ2 in 26th km of the old National Road Thessaloniki - Serres It is a complete Industrial Minerals processing plant consisted from crushing,washing,drying,screening,grinding,air separation,magnetic separation,and packaging units.

The whole plant constructed and operates under the concept of iron free technology:

I. Open air plant. for initial crushing washing and screening of the raw materials

Olympus Industrial Minerals Production Unit

Feed material up to 350mm. Product size 0-6mm. Capacity 60 ΜΤ/H

Μηχανολογικός εξοπλισμός:

a1) ------ jaw crusher
------ cone crusher
------ Barmac grinder
------ 3 vibrating screens
------ 2 washers
------ system for water-solids separation

Feed material. 0-6mm Product size. 0,1-0,5mm. Capacity 10 MT/H

a2). ------ Barmac grinder
------ vibrating screen

II. Drying, grinding, screening, air separation, magnetic separation and packaging system installed in a six store building

Olympus Industrial Minerals Production Unit

------ 2 rotary dryers in independent production lines
------ 2 iron free ball mills (pebble mills). for production minus 45μ powder in conjunction. with air separator
------ magnetic separator
------ multiple screen Mogensen
------ dedusting filters system
------ complete package system in bulk , paper bags, big bags

Recently installed an air separator with cut size 8μ for production super fine materials.

In this section the material entered in size < 6mm and the production capacity vary
between 4ΜΤ/H and 40MT/H depending on particle size from < 45μ to various sizes
between 100μ and 4mm

All the capacities referred for minerals with hardness. > 6 Mohs
3000 Μ2 warehouse and 25000 Μ2 open air warehouse completed the whole plant

Olympus Industrial Minerals Production Unit