OLYMPOS products, current or planned for production, are environmentally friendly and have ecological applications.


  • Quartz granules are widely used as water filters mainly for swimming pools.
  • Pozzolan use in cement contributes to the reduction in CO2 emissions by substituting for clinker as well as in its use as Roman Mortar (without the use of cement) in archeological and old building restorations.
  • Zeolite is well known for its many ecological uses, some of which are:
    - substituting for chemical fertilizers and contributing to the increase in agricultural production
    - waste treatment
    - animal feeds and smell absorption of animal waste
  • Clay diatomites
    - Light weight aggregates for insulation and as building materials (energy conservation)
    - Absorbents for harmful liquid industrial by-products and waste and their safe disposal.

Beyond their ecological use, the afore mentioned products are or will be produced in relatively small quantities (estimated 5-10,000 T/Y for each product) so that the ecological footprint will be completely limited (an average mine for aggregates produces 5,000 per day...)

As far as complete environmental restoration is concerned, the practices of the previous owners will be continued, as seen in the photographs ( full environmental restoration in quartz, quartzite and feldspar mines in the Prefectures of Kilkis and Thessaloniki).