OLYMPUS S.A. Industrial Minerals Graded Dry Pumice


Noting the lack of market on dry and graded in different particle size fractions pumice, but also grinded (-45micron) Olympus SA has already offers in the market the above products, using as raw material pumice from Yali of Nisyros island. The products which are produced by the mentioned pumice can be used for construction purposes, but also for number of other known uses. The most important of them is the treatment of drinking water, the wastewater purification, the pretreatment for reverse osmosis in desalination of seawater (SWRO), for filtering the water in fish farms, in cosmetics etc.

Also can be used for the paint industry and as filler - extender for the mixtures with rubbers and many other uses.

OLYMPUS. offers in the fines sector the particle size of -45μ, -20 microns etc as long as various coarse particle size customer tailored (0,1-0,3 0,3-1,2 0,5-2 mm etc) all with maximum moisture 0,1%.

Regarding the construction sector, there have been made some very interesting researches in the Laboratory of Building Materials of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as it is mentioned in the "Research & Development" section of our web site.

Finally, about the sector of mortars with thermal and sound insulating properties should be mentioned a product known as LimeStrong of Hess which is usually used in the US ( It is a simple mixture of fine grained pumice + water without cement, which can be used as low cost external insulation plasters. There is also the ability to be colored and choice of texture (coarse, fine).

In addition to the fine grained pumice (-45m.), which can react with hydrated lime coarser pumice of 0-2mm participates as agregate to the above mortar.

OLYMPUS S.A. Industrial Minerals Graded Dry Pumice


The grain sizes which are available on demand are the following:

0 - 200 microns 0,1 - 0,3 mm
-45 microns 0,1 - 0,4 mm
-20 microns 0,2 - 0,5 mm
0,4 - 1,0 mm
0,8 - 1,3 mm
1,2 - 2,4 mm
2,0 - 3,5 mm