Industrial Minerals

Olympus S.A. Industrial Minerals was founded in 2013 by George Georgiadis, Mining Engineering, with a long activity in the Research and Development of Industrial Minerals, especially in industrial minerals that firstly were explorated and exploited in Greece (Feldspars, Quartz), and internationally (huntite -hydromagnesite). Also, on deposits that were not previously exploited (the pozzolan in South Pella was the first exploitation of pozzolan except the island territory and it covers the needs of TITAN cement plant in Thessaloniki until today).

The share capital of Olympus S.A. was exclusively funded by G. Georgiadis without any loan or subsidy. The company's balance sheets are presented in the page "Financial Information".

The main object of the company is the usage of the industrial minerals processing plant that exist in Assiro, Thessaloniki. The plant was repurchased by MEVIOR S.A., which was founded in 1986 by G. Georgiades and the investment bank of ETEBA. MEVIOR was the company who created the primary processing plant, which now improved by the Olympus S.A., in order to exploit Greek deposits of quartz and feldspars.

MEBIOR was the only producer in Greece of the mentioned industrial minerals and was supplying until 2013 the Greek sanitary ware and tile industry, the glass industry with feldspars and with quartz for various industrial uses (screeds, pool filters, tile adhesives, epoxy resins, etc.). Also, significant amounts of high quality quartz and feldspars were exported to Italy, Austria (Swarovski), Israel (artificial granite) etc.

Right after the repurchase, Olympus S.A. has spent substantial sum of money for the reconstruction of the plant and the machinery. Also, a new ultra grinding unit was installed in the plant for the production of super fine products (-10μ., -20μ.).
At the same time, Olympus S.A. has spent considerable sums on the research and development at the production of industrial minerals ("Financial Information").

Nowadays, the company produces products from 5 industrial minerals. Also, own's a concession wich recently licensed (License Reference Number ΔΜΕΒΟ-Β/Φ6.11.7/171440/315/20-02-2017 με ΑΔΑ: ΩΙ704653Π8-ΕΟ8) for zeolite in Northern Evros and one quartz quarry in Kilkis prefecture.

Our products


Quartz in wide range of particle sizes that meets individual requirements for each use. Some of the most common uses are such as swimming pool filters, tile adhesives, epoxy resins and all kinds of special mortars on which it cannot be used limestone granules due to their reaction with the chemicals that usually used. It is important to note that the company is the only producer of quartz grains in Greece which produce them from rock crushing (not from land or fluvial depositions but from quartz deposits).

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Pozzolan milled at -45 microns. Recently produced by our company and ultra- fine qualities of -20 and -10 microns for specific uses. Olympus S.A. is the only producer company of ultrafine pozzolan products in Greece. The raw material is from a licensed quarry, owned to the Olympus S.A., in Apsalos, in Pella Prefecture. It is important to note that Olympus is the only producer company of milled pozzolan in Greece which produced by a licensed quarry that belongs to the company.

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Diatomite is quarried from a licensed quarry in a private land which belongs to G. Georgiadis, in Likoudi,Elassona's Municipality. After the succeed separation from unwanted contaminants (with air separation), the succeed experiments for uses as an insecticide that made in the Institute of Diatomite in Canada and the succeed test as an additive in agricultural formulations, ultrafine diatomite products of -20 microns is already placed on the market.

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OLYMPUS S.A. imports and sells zeolite in all granulometrys from Slovakia and China. Technical characteristics of them can be found in "Products" section of the website. The company already owns a concession for a zeolite quarry in Petrota of Evros. Also holds an exploration license for another area in the same region.

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Dry Pumice

Dry Pumice in a large range of particle sizes and pumice powder of -45 microns for special mortars (see test results of Material Testing Laboratory of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in section "Research & Development"). The raw material comes from Yiali Island which belong to Dodecanese island group and quarried by LAVA S.A. company.

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